Closed toe work shoes

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Scholl professional close toe shoes are made to satisfy the needs of those people who work in health care or in fields, where standing for a long time is required.

What kinds of Scholl's professional closed toe shoes are sold?

Sanitary clogs are comfortable shoes, which are ideal to wear even when fatigue takes over, featuring a high toe and a high sole.
In addition, sanitary clogs also ensure ideal breathability for the foot, as, the holes on the upper allow it to always remain cool, preventing excessive sweating.
An alternative to clogs are work sneakers or moccasins, professional shoes characterized by a shaped structure that provides greater stability. This type of footwear is recommended for those who work in hotels and restaurants.

The characteristics of closed work shoes

The main features of closed work shoes can be encapsulated in the wide range of colours. From classic white, to blue and red, and in more distinctive shades such as yellow, purple, green, and pink. Closed work shoes possess impeccable design to please a wide range of tastes. Breathable fabric is another key feature of work shoes, in fact, thanks to water resistance, the foot always stays dry to prevent water from penetrating. They are perfect for people who work in hospitals and are in contact with anything, the shoes, likewise, can be washed easily with a damp microfiber cloth, or alternatively even in a washing machine at low temperatures.

Closed work shoes for outdoor activities

Thanks to their ergonomic shape, water-resistant upper, and cushioned sole, closed work shoes allow you to tackle any type of terrain and perform the activity you desire. Sneakers, for example, are also the best footwear for jogging or taking long walks. With overalls, jeans or shorts, School closed toe shoes are perfect to complete your outfit and give it that extra flair. Rubber clogs, on the other hand, are perfect for gardening activities, as they can keep the foot steady and a correct posture, and, because the slip-resistant sole allows for perfect adherence to the ground.