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The features of Scholl's men's flat shoes

The Scholl men's flat shoes have the ability to give even the most casual and sporty outfits an extra touch of elegance.

If you feel a little disorientated by the vast assortment when making your choice, there are a few important factors to consider, first and foremost the time of year and the occasions on which you want to wear them plus the style that best suits your personality.

Once these points have been clarified, it is time to move on to the evaluation of colours and materials.

The latter has a specific function, just think of the breathability of lighter fabrics and the waterproofing of leather.

As far as nuances are concerned, you can opt for the passe-partout ones (black, grey, beige and blue) or for bright ones, so as to make your style cheerful, surprising and unusual.

All Scholl brand men's shoes are made to support all your daily trials such as long daily walks, sports activities of all kinds, formal occasions or simply relaxing days.


Laced shoes and loafers: elegant and comfortable

If you are looking for a comfortable and elegant pair of men's flat shoes, our lace-up shoes and loafers are perfect for you, as they are the perfect complement to even the most formal outfits such as a job interview, an aperitif at a sophisticated venue, a birthday party or a wedding reception.

There are certain etiquettes and occasions where a certain dress code is required, but this does not mean renouncing comfort.

Scholl proposals ready to satisfy this need are both suede men's lace-up shoes and slip-on men's moccasins, which, as can be understood from the term itself, can be worn with a few simple gestures, as they have no laces.

Moreover, they prove to be the ideal solution if you are travelling, as they can easily be placed in any kind of luggage without becoming deformed.


Suede lace-up shoes for every occasion

Men's summery, breathable, suede lace-up shoes not only enhance elegant and sporty looks but also ensure flexibility and comfort, as suede, due to its softness, is a material that adapts to the shape of the foot quickly.

Comfortable men's shoes made of this fabric are a fashion evergreen, but, thanks to more modern models, they can be worn more lightly, as they have the shape of a sneaker, with a non-slip rubber sole and bright colours for every occasion.