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A design in line with the latest fashion trends, neutral colors easily combinable with any look, a comfortable sole supported by a soft and breathable upper are the main strengths of the comfortable work sneakers proposed by Scholl. These shoes, suitable for men and women, prove to be very versatile, as they are a real passe-partout to show off in many situations to always look impeccable.

What are the features of Scholl's work sneakers?

The models of work sneakers you can choose from are equipped with a sophisticated cushioning system in the lower area, which prevents violent impacts with the floor during stepping or running, thus avoiding any risk of accidents.
Noteworthy is also the rear lace, to achieve greater stability, since this device is used to limit heel sway during the most stressful phases.

Comfortable sneakers for standing for many hours

Finding footwear that is truly comfortable from morning to night is not as easy as you may think. Comfortable shoes that are suitable for working at the bar, fit to best complement the uniform of hotel staff, ideal for hairdressers, cooks, retail salespeople, receptionists, lab technicians, machine assistants or childcare workers should provide high performance, protection, and cushioning. All of this does not mean having to forgo the attractive aesthetics and the understated style that goes seamlessly with any outfit.
In this regard, the Scholl brand has created solutions that better meet diversified needs, i.e., comfortable shoes for clerical work, physical therapists, bartenders, and in general for all those who are required to be on their feet for many hours a day. The available versions are also suitable for daily use, leisure, long walks and more.

Prolonged standing can become quite problematic for all those workers who already suffer from some common ailments, such as back pain or joint pain. Here, then, is where the right work shoe will be able to make all the difference and make the stay in the workplace more pleasant, since at the end of the day the feeling of fatigue will be significantly reduced, resulting in an overall well-being for the body.

Versatile sneakers for different tasks: catering, trade and more

Commercially work sneakers that are available today are usually notable for their poor aesthetics, which is why they are not purchased willingly and become accessories to be used only when on duty. This is not the case with the professional shoes distributed by Scholl. Models of this type do not resemble traditional professional footwear, but casual models, because of which you can make and play with ever-changing pairings.
Even in extremely tired conditions, when it is not possible to sit down or take a small relaxing break, these women's or men's work sneakers are immediately appreciated thanks to a whole series of advantages. While wearing them, indeed, you will not feel unpleasant strains due to rubbing or other discomfort from excessive foot sweat. This is because the inside of the shoe is well padded, and the good level of breathability will be constantly ensured.
Scholl's work sneakers can never be missing from any shoe rack of someone who works long hours standing on his feet, as well as of all those people who aim for maximum comfort. In addition to uniforms and suits, these shoes look good with simple jeans, formal suits, longuette skirts, classic pants and formally cut dresses. Thus, they lend themselves to tastefully complement not only daytime outfits, but also evening outfits.