The most aesthetic comfort shoes in the world

As the pioneer in the field of aspirational footwear, design and technology, Scholl offers a specialized product portfolio featuring unique aesthetic comfortable shoes with proven technologies.

Over 100 years of experience - pioneering comfort, technology and fashion for an unbeatable combination, made in Italy.


The story begins in Chicago where, at the age of 17, William Scholl had relocated to work in a small shoe shop, specialising in comfortable footwear. Ever since, William Scholl dedicated his life to the wellbeing of the foot.


In the post-war years, people became increasingly aware of the benefits of living an active lifestyle, but regular exercise was time consuming, and often dull. Scholl introduced his famous sandals – designed to tone the wearer's legs with every step. They quickly became an icon of the Swinging Sixties, and are still available today.

1990s & 2000s

Comfort rules - as well as the Scholl comfort collections, combining comfort and style with key technologies.

Scholl Today

Scholl today is re-framing nostalgia in a progressive and relevant way. By combining modern craftsmanship techniques, eco-conscious design, and sustainable materials, Scholl promotes personal well-being while reducing carbon footprints. Available in over 90 countries.

What Makes Our Shoes Unique

Aesthetic Comfort

Driven by perfecting your pure wellbeing, we aim to push the boundaries of shoemaking, granting a perfect fit paired with high quality, style and durability.

Designed In Italy

We design all our shoes with love and dedication in the heart of Milan, with the support of well recognized designers.

Certified Technologies

Our values are grounded in craftmanship and tradition. This dedication is reflected in progressive innovations and proprietary technologies such as Gelactiv, Bioprint, Memory Cushion or Scholl Biomechanics.

Low-impact Footprint

We keep improving our products and operations to reach our sustainability objectives, using the best natural materials to create a lasting brand for the generations to come.