Our Technologies

Discover more about our signature technologies. They have been developed to give the maximum comfort, support and shock absorption.


GELACTIV® technology is characterised by an insole fitted with a special Technogel® insert placed under the heel to absorb the shock generated while walking, preventing tired legs and feet. It keeps the foot dry and, moreover, it is hypoallergenic and Chromium VI-free. It can be delicately cleaned using a damp cloth.

Memory Cushion®

The MEMORY CUSHION® technology is characterised by a soft memory insole. The purpose-designed density enables it to adapt to the natural anatomy of the foot, helping to distribute the pressure. The Memory Cushion insole ensures a sensation of comfort, relaxation, softness and stability by reducing pressure peaks in certain areas of the sole of the foot.


The BIOPRINT® insole consists of a special combination of cork and rubber and it has been ergonomically designed around the natural anatomy of the foot to ensure stability and support.


The SCHOLL BIOMECHANICS® technology is characterised by an anatomically designed insole and the Triplantar motion system®. It is effective in reducing the effects of overpronation, the tendency to roll the feet inward when walking. The footbed has therefore been specifically designed to correct foot posture, movement and the distribution of the weight on the foot.