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Women's sneakers: between elegance and versatility

Women's sneakers must be present in every woman's wardrobe. Their versatility, style, comfort and practicality make them one of those solutions that allow us to face every occasion with ease and self-confidence: from a walk in the park to a shopping afternoon, from a stressful day in the office to an aperitif in the city centre.


The characteristics of Scholl's light and comfortable sneakers

A sneaker's most important feature is comfort. We all value elegance and style as well, and it is correct to do so, but comfort is what makes these shoes the definite answer when you're on the move all day long.

Scholl's light and comfortable sneakers are an excellent choice. Our leisure shoes are designed with great attention to ergonomics and the study of the foot and its different types of support, width and sensitivity.

The products are mainly realised with materials of non-animal origin. The quality of these shoes meets the high level of German standards and the product complies with all CE safety certifications.

Light and breathable sneakers are great for more athletic pursuits, while comfortable walking sneakers are ideal for everyday strolls. The models present in the catalogue have numerous shapes and colours, as to allow everyone to choose the comfortable but elegant sneakers that best suit their needs.


Summer sneakers and winter sneakers: how and when to wear them

Depending on the season, you can choose the most suitable sneakers.

During winter, materials and shapes are more binding and protective, to ensure the warmth and dryness of the foot and the resistance of the shoe against attacks from atmospheric agents, being them water-resistant shoes. Winter sneakers tend more towards city shoes and are a part of work outfits every day, becoming more formal, while remaining easy and maintaining their sporty nature.

With the coming of summer, the most original models blossom. The materials are natural and breathable

The light summer sneakers allow freedom of movement, practicality and extreme versatility. They complete colourful miniskirts, boho-chic dresses, and knee-length shorts, and are ideal for excursions in the countryside, trips to a city of art or the reaching of a rocky beach.

Wearing comfortable summer sneakers is a real passe-partout for any occasion, allowing us to better enjoy the summer.


Everyday ergonomic and anatomical sneakers

Are there any limits to the use of a pair of sneakers? This is one of those cases in which the answer is clear, sure: sneakers are suitable for any context.

It can also be seen on fashion runways. Sneakers are liked by stylists and users, they are the meeting point between fashion and comfort, they are so adaptable to so many versions that it is difficult to find an occasion in which they prove inadequate.

The main aspect of Scholl's sneakers, in particular, is that they are ergonomic and anatomical, facilitating their prolonged use throughout the day and making them the ideal solution for those who stand on their feet for long periods due to their jobs or activities. In fact, these are the situations in which an uncomfortable shoe, not very suited for our feet or made with poor quality materials can affect the progress of the whole day, if not even compromise the state of our extremities, with the formation of blisters, irritation from rubbing or pain and redness due to stitches that are too narrow or too wide.

Scholl's sneakers provide many models, for all tastes, but also many solutions and small tricks to support and accommodate any foot in the best possible way. These are comfortable shoes that you can wear daily and forget to be wearing, as they become one with us and with our dynamism.