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Scholl's leather work clogs are a real standout when it comes to sanitary clogs, as they provide top comfort while maintaining a classic, fit-for-purpose look for the healthcare field.

What are the features of Scholl's leather clogs?

Among the most notable features of leather work clogs is the sole, which is about 1.5 inches high, contoured, and ergonomic to ensure the comfort of the foot for all the hours that are spent standing. The end is slightly higher to facilitate movement and accommodate heel support.
The insole is made of top-quality natural leather, which insulates the foot from heat and limits perspiration, therefore resulting in breathability and hypoallergenic even in the hottest of times.
The lining is also made of quality leather, perforated on the top to further promote foot breathing.
The leather work clog is available in several colours, starting from the classic white that matches well with any type of gown or garment worn in the hospital setting.
While it is also true that you should also, please the eye, the blue variant is appreciated for its elegance and originality, both in the light and midnight blue versions.
What changes between the different models are the details, such as the buckle or the colouring, but the one thing that stays constant is the quality of the product and its long lasting performance.
The classic clog is the Supercomfort, which makes use of a slightly higher heel that best cushions every step, with a white and beige color that looks very pleasing to the eye.

The advantages of leather health clogs

Customers who routinely use Scholl leather clogs report a long list of benefits, related to both the health and the aesthetics of the product:

  1. Each material used is top-of-the-line and allows the skin to breathe, causing no side effects, such as irritation or excessive sweating throughout the day.
  2. The sole is thick and allows the foot to avoid trauma at every step, supporting its movements thanks to its natural leather ergonomics.
  3. The upper part of the lining is perforated and cool, yet capable of enveloping the foot and giving comfort, reducing the risk of falls and misplacement of the foot.
  4. The aesthetics of the product is classic and traditional, which is perfect if you work in a healthcare environment and need to wear a comfortable and simple shoe under your lab coat.
  5. Finally, all of Scholl's leather work clogs are antistatic, autoclavable and slip-resistant: perfect for all dynamic jobs.

How to clean Scholl's leather clogs?

For cleaning Scholl leather clogs, you will have to pay close attention to the detergent you choose, as we are talking about a durable material but that may be ruined if you use a soap that is too aggressive.
Avoid putting the leather clog in the washing machine, as excessively high temperatures and the use of industrial soaps could jeopardize a successful washing.