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Comfortable shoes for kids

Especially when it comes to children, choosing the right footwear is essential to allow them to walk correctly and not spoil their posture with uncomfortable shoes. Scholl Shoes takes this concept to heart, creating excellent slippers with Velcro for children, breathable shoes, footwear with arch supports and much more. The leitmotif is certainly their use of high-quality materials, capable of withstanding the stresses and wear of time, always maintaining an ideal sole for supporting the body and practical and comfortable uppers.

Features and benefits of comfortable and breathable shoes for children

Children are growing and developing and for this reason, we should opt for quality footwear such as those of Scholl Shoes. If this does not happen, the risk is that the legs may be subject to bends and the back can suffer damages that can cause discomfort and disturbances in the future. Therefore, it is necessary that the shoe is comfortable on the foot and respects its natural shape while following the curvature, as happens for all the models of the Scholl Shoes line. Furthermore, choosing a breathable fabric means that the foot remains cool and dry throughout the day, avoiding irritation between the toes, especially during the summer season, when the little ones tend to sweat more.

What are the most comfortable shoes for children?

For children, having comfortable shoes means having an ergonomically shaped sole, moulded to the shape of the foot and can support it in its characteristic arch. Therefore, a raised area is provided in the centre and a thicker border on the side, to prevent the plant from swinging during walking and running.

As for the uppers, the bands placed on the upper part are soft and flexible, they do not cut the leather and do not tighten the toes, accompanying the shape.

Both sandals and rain boots, as well as beach slippers or slippers for children, are designed to give the utmost comfort at every stage of growth, to avoid major problems related to the sole. Great attention is also paid to style and aesthetics, since these are models with a timeless taste but revisited in a modern and current key, with fashionable colours.

Beach shoes for children

Summer is the children's favourite season, who can have fun at the sea with their little friends and enjoy hours in the open air.

Even in this case, the right footwear cannot be missing, such as comfortable beach slippers for children or flip-flops with a reinforced arch. The materials are however of superior quality and there is no lack of foot support even on the sand, which is a difficult terrain for small children, and it is advisable that they have shoes that ensure perfect stability.

Opt for the Monkey model, which opens easily with Velcro and leaves most of the foot free to breathe, or the Bat version, slightly more closed and inspired by a few decades back, even if the materials are of the latest generation and the combination of sole and uppers perfectly balanced to create the perfect shoe with a vintage flavour.