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Scarpe professionali da lavoro

What are the types of Scholl professional shoes?

If you work in a healthcare or hospital context, you cannot do it without the comfortable classic clogs, which are suitable for those who must stay on their feet all day and ensure the utmost comfort even in conditions of fatigue.
These are clogs with a round toe and a rather high sole so that the foot is raised from the ground by a few centimetres and does not suffer the effect of the floor on the sole.
The holes on the uppers ensure maximum breathability, in this way sweat does not remain inside, and you have cool and dry feet.
The back has a closure to prevent the heel from slipping, without tightening or leaving marks on the ankle.
Alternatively, there is a strap placed on the front that can be moved to the back in case you want to transform the open shoe into one with the correct support.


Features and advantages of professional shoes and sanitary clogs

Sholl Shoes sanitary clogs are made in various colours, such as blue and red, with fluorescent and original alternatives such as yellow, green, or purple.
In addition to the design that strikes at first glance, the interesting aspect of Scholl professional shoes is the comfort they offer to the customer both at the level of the sole and the upper lining.
The lower part of the classic wooden clogs or rubber clogs ensures back support, distributing the weight without weighing on the vertebral column.
The risk of some jobs is to assume an incorrect posture; therefore our medical clogs are specifically designed to overcome this problem.
In addition, they are breathable and have waterproof fabrics at the same time, to prevent liquids from penetrating whatever happens during your shift.

The medical clogs can be comfortably washed with a microfibre cloth or in the washing machine at a low temperature, left to air dry for a few hours before being used again.


What are the best work shoes?

The best work shoes are those that combine a latest generation design, a wide range of neutral or bright colours, a comfortable and supported sole and a soft and breathable upper, like those of Scholl Shoes.
Our clogs are suitable in the healthcare sector, or in professional kitchens, where it is necessary to always stand up and shoes can accidentally get wet.
Fortunately, the cover is water repellent and sanitises quickly, being washable. In addition, our work shoes, including work sneakers, are cushioned at the bottom and avoid violent collisions with the floor when walking or running.

The sole of the foot rests on a shaped structure, which improves the plantar arch so that even the flat foot can partially correct this type of anomaly. The rear lace guarantees greater stability and limits the oscillation of the heel in the phases of greater excitement.

Moccasin or sneakers work shoes are also the ideal shoes for waiters or hotel staff.


What characteristics must medical clogs have to be comfortable shoes for working on your feet all day?

If you have decided to buy medical clogs for your work, you must keep in mind a series of parameters to make the best choice:

  • The size of the clog must be suitable for the foot, so that the shape wraps it loosely or, on the contrary, is too wide;
  • The sole: a comfortable shoe all day long has a latest generation sole, in wood or rubber depending on the model, ergonomic and preformed to ensure maximum arch support.
  • The thickness of the sole: the foot must not stay too much in contact with the ground and at the same time it must not be lifted by too many centimetres, to avoid falling or getting crooked.
  • Washable, antistatic, ESD and slip resistant: Scholl Shoes medical clogs, both in the ClogEvo model and in the EvoFlex model, are certified class II personal protective equipment.

Opt for professional clogs covered in soft perforated leather, such as Sholl Shoes, which allows the leather to transpire but at the same time prevents water from penetrating inside, thanks to the water-repellent action.