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Softness is a unique feeling that caresses your feet softly to give you a moment of real kindness.

Step by step, Scholl, gives a soft touch to your feet with Pressure shoes category.

MEMORY CUSHION® with its padded footbed and GELACTIV® with its TECHNOGEL® insert help distributing foot pressure and offer you a unique feeling of well-being.

Precious details of Scholl shoes will make you feel stylish and feminine.

DISCOVER the styles of Scholl Pressure shoes and enjoy each step.


Support and anatomy to walk steady without ever missing a step.
Every movement is accompanied and supported by Scholl Position shoes category.
The biomechanical and anatomically designed insoles give you the correct support while the precious and elegant particulars, enhance the shoes look and your style.
Choose among the natural cork and rubber of BIOPRINT®, the BIOMECHANICS® arch support and the beech wood of iconic PESCURA® sandal.

DISCOVER Scholl Position shoes to start each step with the right foot.