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March 7th
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Newton is a sneaker with an urban-sporty style that fully respects Scholl standards: with its sock shoe style elasticated fabric upper with a super contemporary effect, it perfectly adapts to every contour of your foot, ensuring total comfort and breathability. Its sole, in the same colour as the upper, is slip-resistant while its insole is removable. Moreover, the insole with Scholl Memory Cushion® technology adapts itself to the shape of your foot and helps redistribute pressure all over the entire sole, leaving you with a sensation of lightness. The "Stitch and turn" construction enables the utmost comfort and extreme flexibility.

Technology: Memory cushion

The Memory Cushion®technology is characterised by a soft, shape memory insole. The purpose-designed density enables it to adapt to the natural anatomy of the foot, helping to distribute pressure. The Memory Cushion insole ensures a sensation of comfort, relaxation, softness and stability by reducing pressure peaks in certain areas of the sole of the foot.