Maureen is an important new model in the Memory Cushion family which has been fitted with a removable footbed. Its features will make it the perfect shoe to be comfortably worn: a large portion of the upper is elasticised to ensure greater comfort on particularly delicate feet or which have hallux valgus (a bunion) on the big toe. its shape is wide and rounded to perfectly accommodate the feet it is equipped with a Velcro strap that guarantees a perfect fit the removable Memory Cushion insole is covered with genuine suede leather the sole is flexible thanks to its particular construction the fit is plentiful (fitting G). In addition, the removable inner footbed is made with Scholl Memory Cushion® technology that welcomes the foot in a delicate way redistributing the pressure on the entire sole of the foot and making each step lighter.
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Technology: Memory cushion

The Memory Cushion®technology is characterised by a soft, shape memory insole. The purpose-designed density enables it to adapt to the natural anatomy of the foot, helping to distribute pressure. The Memory Cushion insole ensures a sensation of comfort, relaxation, softness and stability by reducing pressure peaks in certain areas of the sole of the foot.