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Scholl has also considered the needs of the most demanding feet by introducing the MEMORY CUSHION ® EXTRA SENSITIVE line of products into its footwear collection. The line consists of four types of footwear: a Mary Jane and a woman’s shoe with a two-tone velcro strap, a lace-up shoe and a man’s shoe with a velcro strap closure.These shoes have been designed for all those people who have sensitive feet or those which are prone to developing foot-related problems; in fact, they have been designed to avoid any kind of potential discomfort whatsoever.Double adjustability The footwear has been designed so as to make it twice as adjustable as it is fitted with a removable Memory Cushion® insole underneath which there is an extra insole that can be removed to create extra space to accommodate the foot in case of need.Product characteristics 1. The fabric of lining and insole is intertwined with silver wire in order to create an anti-bacterial, anti-odour effect. 2. The shape has been appropriately studied to be wider on the sole of the foot, wide and high over the toes. This makes it possible to keep the foot in an anatomically correct position and to avoid causing any pressure. 3. There is no inner seam in order to avoid any chafing. 4. The reinforced tip protects the toes from crushing and external blows. 5. The upper is made of natural leather: it regulates the temperature of the foot and it ensures a better breathability of the foot. 6. Its light, slip-resistant sole is fitted with flares in order to provide support while walking and to alleviate pressure on the sole of your foot. 7. The Memory Cushion insole adequately absorbs and re-distributes pressure over the entire sole of the foot. 8. The reinforced heel counter is wider than that of a traditional shoe in order to better stabilise and support the heel and ankle. 9. The shoes are fully padded for increased comfort.The fabric of lining and insole is intertwined with silver wire that ensures a permanent anti-bacterial effect. The silver wire makes it possible to: 1. Prevent the development of bacteria, as well as the formation of toxins on the skin, therefore reducing the possibility of infection. 2. Prevent the formation of foul-smelling odours. 3. Regulate the temperature of the shoes coming into contact with skin: in summer they have a refreshing effect, in winter a thermal effect.

Technology: Memory cushion

The Memory Cushion®technology is characterised by a soft, shape memory insole. The purpose-designed density enables it to adapt to the natural anatomy of the foot, helping to distribute pressure. The Memory Cushion insole ensures a sensation of comfort, relaxation, softness and stability by reducing pressure peaks in certain areas of the sole of the foot.