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March 7th
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IVA inclusa - Spese di spedizione non incluse

The design of EVOFLEX is specially studied to adapt to the hospital environment thanks to a set of features that make it unique.
The upper part is smooth to prevent the accumulation of liquids and dirt, it is easy to clean, perforated on the sides to ensure breathability specifically designed to drain the liquid away, keeping the foot dry.
The innovative back strap makes the shoe metamorphic, allowing it to be transformed from a sneaker to a wedge-heeled shoe and vice versa with a single click. It has also been designed to comfortably embrace the heel and keep your foot stable and in the right position, even when walking at a more sustained pace.
The antibacterial lining, developed with nanotechnology, eliminates friction for a better feeling of comfort and ease of fit.
The insole is made of Memory Cushion® material which soothes your feet by redistributing pressure all over the entire sole of your foot.
The cushioning midsole ensures maximum comfort thanks to its flexibility, while maintaining a stable posture on the ground. The model is autoclavable, antistatic, ESD and slip-resistant.
EvoFlex is a class II personal protective equipment, for further information on the technical specifications of the product, please refer to the table.

Technology: Memory cushion

The Memory Cushion®technology is characterised by a soft, shape memory insole. The purpose-designed density enables it to adapt to the natural anatomy of the foot, helping to distribute pressure. The Memory Cushion insole ensures a sensation of comfort, relaxation, softness and stability by reducing pressure peaks in certain areas of the sole of the foot.