2017 SUMMER TRENDS: HERE’S WHAT TO WEAR! | Scholl Shop online

One evening at the beginning of summer, you have organised to go out with your friends. You stand in front of your wardrobe to choose your outfit, but it suddenly occurs to you that you are not exactly up-to-date with the 2017 summer fashion trends. Doubts start to haunt you …What shall I wear? What colours go well together? What accessories should I wear?


Don’t worry! What may seem to be a minor tragedy can easily be solved by following this practical guide to seasonal trends, fresh off the latest international fashion shows.


Let’s start by saying that this year’s style can be summed up in just one word: the 1960s! Yes, the 1960s-style fashion is still wildly popular, in fact, it never seems to fade! So, you will be able to give free rein to donning clothes with floral motifs, especially if they are embroidered and light-hued. Speaking of colours, if there is one that stands out from all the others this year, it is yellow, to be worn from head to foot, or even in terms of matching accessories. And if you wear yellow garments over your first tan, you will enhance it even more!

Also, because one of the 2017 summer fashion trends is the single-shoulder cocktail dress, either in a single-colour or patterned version, perfect when going out for an evening with your friends for a drink.


Alternatively, for a more informal look, you can opt for great summer classics such as natural and raw fabrics: canvas, linen or cotton cloth, without forgetting timeless denim! Go ahead and wear shirts, trousers and, if it gets cooler in the late evening, put on a faded or torn jeans jacket, for a touch of aggressiveness recalling a true 1990s-style.


Still on the theme of trousers, high-waisted jeans(or better still, very high-waisted), that mark the waist by making the most of extremely colourful belts in contrasting tones.


And what about your feet? What should you wear so you can always keep up with 2017 summer fashion? It’s very simple: a great pair of wedge-heeled shoes. They slim you down, they are comfortable and you can adapt them to different styles of clothing! Then if you wear a pair of Scholl wedge-heeled shoes with Bioprint® technology, you will be able to wear them all day long. The natural rubber and cork insole helps keeps your foot always in the right position, to ensure comfort that will accompany you every time you go out. You can choose from a variety of models that are elegant and cool at the same time, perfect for every occasion!


And now, are you ready to flaunt your summer 2017 look