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Greeny, the ecological glam!

Effortless charm. Discover the class of Sienna, the flexible and lightweight genuine leather brogue that makes everyday outfits ultra trendy.

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Pescura celebrates its 60th anniversary!

Discover the special 60 Years and relive the emotions of an incredible decade. Every pack comes with a colourful floral bracelet!

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The elegance of petals and sparkling rhinestones

As light as a spring flower and as shiny as a star. Design and comfort have never got on so well together.

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The dazzle of the glitter

The shiny touch that makes every outfit so irresistibly trendy and comfy that you will want to wear them all summer.

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Iconic Scholl Pescura can guarantee long-term comfort, ease of use and hard-wearing performance: these footwear never go out of fashion!

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Ballet & Flats

The Scholl ballet flats line represents the perfect blend of an eye-catching and feminine style with exceptional comfort.

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Sandals with wedge

The classic men's style brogue becomes a must-have for women too! From matte colours to metallised effects.

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Scholl sneakers combine technology and aesthetic taste, presenting the perfect blend of modernity and comfort.

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Ultra soft uppers and easy adjusters to fully embrace the foot: more room for comfort!

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The innovative Scholl flip flops combine a modern and feminine design with top quality materials, to create a soft and comfortable fit.

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Sandals are always a popular option for hot weather and holidays, and Scholl has a wonderful range of designs to choose from.

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