It’s that time of year again: November is back, bringing damp, rainy weather and cold, grey days. Who wants to go outside in their free time in this weather? Who wouldn’t prefer to snuggle up on the sofa with a blanket, sipping hot chocolate while reading a book or watching their favourite series on TV? We all get a bit lazy when it’s raining outside, it’s true. But do we really want to spend the rest of the autumn shut up indoors? Do we actually intend to postpone all the trips we’d marked in our diaries in the spring?

In fact, there are loads of places that are especially beautiful and romantic in the autumn! Take, for example, the wonderful cities of North-Eastern Europe, like Vienna, Prague and Budapest! You can get there easily by plane, even just for the weekend, and visit the Baroque monuments of Budapest, admire the architectural melting pot that is Prague or spend an evening at the opera house in Vienna!

If a day trip somewhere closer to home is more your cup of tea, combining fresh air with enjoyment and the lofty with the earthy, this is the perfect month for touring Italy, finding a winery and doing some tasting, going hunting for mushrooms and chestnuts in the woods, or even strolling along the seafront, reminiscing at the sight of the choppy waves!

The weather is always an unknown quantity: what if it rains? What can we wear to stay dry and comfortable without compromising on style and elegance? The answer is simple: New Vestmann boots from Scholl Shoes! These are soft rubber boots, with adjustable lace and Memory Cushion® technology insole, which envelop your foot in a soft embrace, evenly distributing the pressure over the entire sole and making every step lighter!

And if it’s really pouring? No problem:  New Vestmann boots are available in an active, ankle-length version and also in calf-length for even better protection from those annoying splashes!

So why wait? Just choose the version best-suited to you from the Scholl Shoes online store… and don’t forget your umbrella! ;)