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The key player of the Scholl Memory Cushion is the "memory effect" insole, that adapts perfectly to the shape and helps distribute the exerted pressure over the entire foot. Furthermore, the Memory Cushion insole remembers its initial shape and bounces back after every step. Thanks to the memory effect padded insole properties, the Scholl Memory Cushion shoes are ideal for women who love soft insoles, spend a lot of time on their feet, have particularly sensitive feet and easily suffer from fatigue or slight feet disorders.

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Scholl has developed the Memory Cushion technology selecting the materials that most meet the requirements of comfort and softness, which then undergo a series of technical tests.


The Scholl Memory Cushion technology is applied to a range of products designed for leisure wear, thanks to its capacity to distribute the pressure over the entire sole of the foot which makes them outstandingly comfortable. The Scholl Memory Cushion collection includes ultra-light sneakers featuring the memory insole and excellent levels of breathability and flexibility without ever foregoing style.


The core feature of the Scholl Memory Cushion technology is the soft layer of material adopted after extensive research and careful selection processes. The "cushioning" properties, i.e. the capacity to distribute the pressure on a wider contact surface on the sole of the foot, and the "memory" feature of the insole, with excellent shape recovery capacity to preserve its efficiency over time, are the two key features that make the Scholl Memory Cushion shoes so outstanding.