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The key component of the Scholl Gelactiv technology is the insert in Tecnogel®; when positioned under the heel, it contributes to achieving correct posture when walking and absorbs the shock of every step taken. Thanks to the gel content, the Gelactiv shoes are able to absorb shock when walking compared to standard footwear. Absorbing the impact on the heel and encouraging a more correct distribution of weight, the Gelactiv shoes are designed for women who spend most of their day on their feet or walking. Thanks to the ability of the Scholl Gelactiv shoes to absorb the shock generated when walking, they are recommended for use by all women whose feet and legs get easily tired; the models with a wider sole and lower heel can also be used by women during pregnancy. Furthermore, thanks to the gel insert, the Gelactiv shoes can help resolve heel disorders.

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Scholl personnel have developed this technology selecting materials and conducting extensive tests on the models so as to produce exceptionally comfortable, hard-wearing and high-performing shoes. The Gelactiv technology characteristics are tested by Scholl personnel but also by independent partners.


The Scholl Gelactiv technology is applied to a range of shoes designed for use on a variety of occasions. Each Gelactiv product is specifically designed to provide high shock-absorbing effect on the heel without compromisingdesign and style.


The Technogel® cushioning works in three different dimensions, distributing the pressure in all directions, preventing it from accumulating in the feet and travelling up the legs. Moreover, the cushioning adapts itself to the shape of the user's foot. As there are no plasticisers inside the formula, the gel has exceptional elasto-mechanical properties that are remarkably long-lasting: it does not deform or break under the pressure of weight or due to extensive use. A series of shock absorption and dynamic resistance tests during walking simulation conditions, have highlighted an excellent shock-absorbing capacity. The Scholl Gelactiv technology insole manufacturing process is extremely complex and requires high accuracy operations by a large number of operators, given the complexity of this insole and the care given to integrating all its components.