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The Scholl Exercise technology is one of the first technologies developed by Dr. Scholl when it designed the renowned Pescura® sandals, a Scholl brand flagship product since 1959. The Scholl Exercise technology features a biomechanically designed anatomical footbed that helps users to walk correctly, maintain a correct posture and exercise and tone the muscles in a natural and healthy manner. One of the unique features of the Scholl Exercise technology Pescura sandals is the anatomically designed footbed in finest solid beech wood that helps to exercise the lower limbs with every single step. The Exercise technology sandals are ideal for women who want to tone their feet and legs, women who appreciate natural materials and whose who want to keep their feet dry.

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Walking with the Pescura sandals, the activity of certain leg muscles is stimulated more than when walking with normal sandals, without, however, causing any form of discomfort or fatigue.


The Exercise footbed is designed to help tone the calf and leg muscles as you walk. More specifically, the Pescura sandal footbed is made entirely of top quality beech wood, shaped to provide the right support for the sole of the foot. The special features include the design providing support to the metatarsal area of the foot, the soft padded leather strap with an adjustable buckle to ensure a firm comfy fit for all foot types, and the ridges providing grip for the toes whilst stimulating the foot and leg muscles.