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The key player of the Scholl Bioprint technology is the anatomical sole in cork and rubber. The Scholl Bioprint footwear combine the properties of the materials, natural cork and rubber ergonomically designed inner sole, with a informal and contemporary style. With their anatomic design, the Scholl Bioprint sandals encourage correct posture of the feet creating both comfortable support for the arch of the foot and stable support for the heel. With its combination of natural cork and rubber, the Scholl Bioprint shoe insole provides excellent support for the feet and makes every step lighter. With its anatomic design, the Scholl Bioprint sandals are ideal for women who want to walk correctly without stressing their feet, for those who normally wear heels or pointed shoes and occasionally need a shoe that relieves foot fatigue, or simply women who appreciate freedom of movement and favour a more informal style.

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The Scholl Bioprint collection boasts a wide assortment of products designed for a contemporary and informal lifestyle. The styles of the Scholl Bioprint collection are the ideal solution for leisure wear. The Scholl Bioprint technology shoes now become even more innovative, thanks to the introduction of a range of new heels and wedges, with a perfect combination of design and functionality.


Thanks to the anatomical shape of the insole, the Scholl Bioprint helps maintain correct biomechanical function of the foot, improving posture and foot support leading to greater stability. The insole fitted inside the Scholl Bioprint technology shoes is designed to perform three core functions: support the heel, support the foot arch and encourage correct toe grip thanks to the toe ridge. Scholl personnel pay great care and attention when producing the Bioprint insole as it is made exclusively from natural cork and rubber. No formulas containing synthetic rubber or synthetic cork are used as these would compromise both quality and performance. Thanks to these ingredients, the anatomical insole fitted in Scholl Bioprint technology footwear is exceptionally flexible with no signs of deformation over time.