It is said that the shoes we wear reveal a lot about us, about our personality: there are even those who affirm that it isn’t actually our eyes that are the mirror of the soul, but our shoes!

Without arriving at such extremes, there are many people who believe that shoes partially reflect who we are, from the choice of the model to that of the colour and the material. Do you love high-heeled shoes? You are a curious, confident person. Do you prefer ballerina and flat shoes? You are calm-natured and introvert. Do you like glittery shoes? You don’t always feel at ease with yourself and with others.

Is this the truth or only a cliché? One thing is certain: rather than the type of footwear you choose, it is more the conditions in which you keep them that provide further details about you. In fact, a well-kept shoe shows how important you believe it is to give a positive image of yourself by paying painstaking attention to every detail of your appearance, starting right from your feet!

Yet what is the secret of always having impeccable shoes? It’s simple…by keeping them clean! However, remember that not all shoes are the same: they will need different treatment depending on the material they are made of.

So, here are the right tricks to clean all types of footwear in the best possible way: are you ready to take notes?


  • Suede and Nubuck leather shoes: Remove the dirt and the stains with a rubber, then delicately brush the upper using light movements always in the same direction, so as not to damage the leather and not to create different shades of colour. It is fundamental to use a brush with soft bristles specifically used for these types of leather, which are extremely delicate and can be easily ruined. Lastly, as a final touch, apply some silicone spray and leave them to dry at room temperature: this will help make them shiny and protect them from gathering any further dirt!


  • Leather shoes: Delicately remove the dust and the dirt from your shoes with a cloth, first of all dry and then damp, then allow them to dry at room temperature. Instead of using a silicone spray, apply a top quality shoe polish that matches the colour of the upper and then rub with a smooth brush. For perfectionists, the final step is to polish them with a flannel cloth!


  • Patent or synthetic leather shoes: Remove the dust and dirt residues with a cloth dampened with a detergent that is not too aggressive, then dry them with a light cloth.


  • Canvas or fabric shoes: In case there are laces, the first thing to do is to remove them! Then fill a basin with warm water and soap (you can also use detergent for wool), and then rub the shoes with a sponge or a toothbrush, leaving the soles until last. Rinse in clean, warm water by rubbing them with a new sponge, then squeeze your shoes in an old towel, so that you can get rid of all the excess water. Finally, leave them to dry out in a dry, enclosed place; the important thing is not to leave them directly exposed to a source of heat, which could irreparably damage them!


Is everything clear now? Follow our advice and your shoes will seem as if they were new every time you wear them!