style collection

Style Collection

Scholl's Style Collection includes all the most contemporary and urban models representing the perfect combination of elegance, quality and comfort. All women will find the shoes that best suit their style and wellness requirements in the Scholl Style Collection. In fact, all the models are designed by Italian craftsmen and enhanced by the technologies developed directly by Scholl engineers.

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The key player of the Scholl Gelactiv technology is the insert in Tecnogel®; when positioned under the heel,it contributes to achieving correct posture when walking and absorbs the shock of every step taken.

The key player of the Scholl Memory Cushion is the "memory effect" insole, that adapts perfectly to the shape and helps distribute the exerted pressure over the entire foot.

The key player of the Scholl Bioprint technology is the anatomical sole and rubber. The Scholl Bioprint footwear combine the properties of the materials and rubber ergonomically designed inner sole, with a informal and contemporary style.

The Scholl Biomechanics technology is characterised by a very specifically shaped insole. The Scholl Biomechanics technology is effective in reducing the effects of overpronation, thanks to the particularly high arch support.