Shoes with rhinestones: a symphony of light for your spring evenings

We have already spoken about how floral patterns are an absolute must-have this spring. In fact, it is true, floral prints liven up an outfit for any occasion, ranging between a classic style for the office to a casual garment for a trip out of town, right up to a pop-style look for a brunch out with your friends.

But…what about the evening? What should we wear in order to add that touch of style to spring evening outfits? Whether it be a dinner savoured on a terrace or an aperitif sipped under the stars, there is only one way for you to be able to shine in the dark of the night: wear shoes with rhinestones!

Rhinestones are that glamourous detail which delights the eye and embellishes even the simplest mises, yet they have only one fault: when they are worn on clothes, bags and important accessories (from belts to jewels), sometimes they can have the opposite effect to the one desired and there can be just too much dazzle. However, they are absolutely perfect on shoes: a point of light that discretely sparkles and shines highlighting your outfit!

Besides, rhinestones can be used to decorate any type of shoe and designers have finally given us proof of this! In fact, on the 2016 Spring-Summer collection catwalks not only the protagonists were heeled footwear (stiletto heels, open-toe court shoes, cross-over sandals and many others), but also more informal models: slip-ons, sneakers, flat sandals and flip-flops.


In short, for those who wish to treat themselves to a night out with friends or their partner, and who are seeking a style that stands out from the crowd without having to wear a pair of high heels, Scholl now has the solution you are looking for!

Glossy and Luluare the new Scholl flip-flops with rhinestones with Gelactiv®technology for you to enjoy glamorous evening events while in the pursuit of comfort. Both are characterised by a thin upper embellished with rhinestones which perfectly matches the chicest outfit; both also conceal a “magic element” underneath the heel: this is the Gelactiv®insole which absorbs shocks and makes every step you take even lighter than the one before! Even at the end of the day, you won’t have to give up going out: thanks to the Scholl Gelactiv®technology, you will be able to give your feet some relief and fatigue will only be a distant memory!


Glossy and Lulu, sparkling companions for your springtime evenings: come and discover them in the Scholl Footwear Online Store!