Blue sky, bright colours… the air is already filled with that particular fragrance of flowers.

It is starting to get warmer and you increasingly often find yourself looking out of the window while thinking how wonderful it would be to be outdoors breathing in that scent of Spring.

The only solution is to stop saying “if only I had the time” and to realise that actually you do have enough time, you only need to get yourself organised.

There’s no need to plan a trip to the park months in advance in order to be able to grant yourself a healthy walk and to enjoy all the physical and psychological benefits that this activity brings.

You just have to decide to forget the car for a while and go on foot: to work, to the supermarket, to the hairdresser’s… it doesn’t matter where you’re going; a30-minute walk per day is enough to:

  • improve your mood, thanks to the production of endorphins;
  • stimulate your circulation, freeing yourself from the problem of heavy legs;
  • improve your posture and to burn calories, starting to get back into shape ready for the summer!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to arrive at your office with a smile on your face and be full of energy?

You only need to make a few sacrifices in order to have great benefits.

Wherever you are going, dedicate a few minutes more to the journey. Basically, as poets say, the journey is more important than the destination and perhaps you could discover some views of your city that you had never noticed before.

Put your high-heeled and uncomfortable shoes aside and make way for sneakers! This year, also the world of fashion gives a nod to comfort, in fact, in order to get the most benefit out of walking, shoes and healthy feet are extremely important.

Then, if you decided to slip on a pair of Scholl Phan or Wind Step shoes to go walking, the benefits will significantly increase: thanks to their minimal design and captivating details, in fact, Scholl sneakers are able to adapt to your style which makes them even trendier; while the Memory Cushion technology allows you to always feel comfortable and it maximises the benefits of your daily walk.

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