June. Temperatures are higher, the days are getting longer and the weather is milder. Isn’t this one of the best periods of the year to plan a nice trip? We think so! At the same time, however, it could also be the most suitable month to take a break and go on some healthy walks, immersed in greenery or through some of the most beautiful cities in the world.

It is not always necessary to have to choose between these two activities, you only need to find the right destination! A place where you can combine the pursuit of a new city with the need to have a good walk, far away from the traffic and chaos. Of course, even only walking through the most important streets in big cities such as New York, London or Paris can prove to be relaxing, surrounded by buildings, monuments, and marvellous stores where you can go shopping! However, for those who, at the same time, are seeking to reconnect with nature, there are also city parks, real gems of greenery set right in the heart of the city.

For example, the famous Central Park in Manhattan, the huge, tree-filled heart of the Big Apple. Hyde Park in London, where you can stroll among fountains, blossoming gardens and…friendly squirrels who live in the trees! Or the Bois de Boulogne in Paris, the “green lung” of the capital on the other side of the Alps. Yet these three large cities also host some real gems that all travel and walking enthusiasts should become familiar with!

In the Chelsea quarter of Manhattan, for example, a former overhead railway line has been converted into a park, and it has become the High Line: just imagine taking a short walk several metres above the ground, among plants, flowers and artistic installations, being able to see the Hudson river on one side and the most incredible skyscrapers of the Big Apple on the other…it is truly a magical place!

Speaking of fascinating locations, you just can’t miss the Promenade Plantée in Paris, another suspended pedestrian route running right through residential areas, providing a brand-new insight into this French city: you will be able to see enchanting views of streets and historical squares in the city centre, set among trees, flowers and intriguing shops.

Parkland Walk in London was also made out of a former abandoned railway, yet which provides an entirely natural itinerary, a site of importance for the conservation of plant and animal species. Here, you will feel as if you have truly got away from it all!

Now that you have the destinations for your trips and your walks at hand (or rather, at foot), you only have to choose the right type of footwear to face these suggestive natural, city itineraries. What about Boa Vista Up, the new Scholl flip-flop model? Its upper delicately embraces your foot and it is perfect for the first warm days in May.  Thanks to its Bioprint® technology insole, your foot will be kept in the right position throughout the entirety of your strolls.

Or Mamore the sandal with a contemporary, minimalist Memory Cushion® insole. Its broad sole surrounds your foot and it can absorb the shock suffered while walking!

Another sandal that is perfect for these occasions is Marillie, with its shiny, urban look! Its Gelactiv® insole reduces pressure on the most sensitive areas of your foot, putting a spring into your step that you have never felt before!

And for those who love sneakers, there is Wind Step, which is an ultra-flexible, easy fit model with the utmost adaptability thanks to the modern lace-up fastening system. Its Memory Cushion® insole provides extreme comfort for your feet, that will feel pampered with every step you take!

With the comfort of Scholl footwear, these experiences abroad will be even more enjoyable!  So, have a good trip…and have a nice stroll!