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Mosquito Special 💤

Punctually, along with the arrival of summer come the notorious mosquitoes. Scholl provides a solution that is "at your toe tips": Sibel Plus is the flip-flop sandal with natural essences which help keep away mosquitoes. How? Thanks to the white flowers made from a special material containing fragrances which are unpleasant to mosquitoes such as tea tree oil, citronellol, geranium oil and eucalyptus oil. Sibel Plus is packaged inside a transparent bag which can be hermetically sealed. In fact, by replacing the footwear inside the bag after every use, it is possible to make the fragrance last longer. In this way, the protective action of Scholl Sibel Plus will accompany you throughout the entire summer*.

*The protective action lasts approximately three months after the package is first opened.

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