How to choose the right beach for your dream holiday

The holiday season has finally arrived: are you ready to leave?
If your chosen destination is by the sea, packing your suitcase will be easy and fun: choose your most beautiful costumes, a pareo, a long, printed kaftan for the evening as well as... the right type of sandals! How can you tell which sandals are the most suitable to take with you? Choose your ideal holiday destination and we’ll take care of the rest!

Are you an adventurous person, a nature lover and always ready to discover new landscapes? Then the right location for you is the Liguria region with its cliffs overlooking the sea, its coves that can be reached by means of steep paths leading up and down the mountainside... Which shoes would be suitable to effortlessly reach the beach while savouring the panorama? Why not choose a comfortable model which is original at the same time, Spikey! Thanks to its Bioprint® cork and rubber anatomical sole and its wrap-round laces which tie at the ankle, Spikey favours the correct posture of your foot and helps maintain this position, allowing you to walk nimbly along the most difficult paths! And there’s more to it than that: with Spikey you can look at comfort from an entirely different perspective, thanks to its very colourful rubber pebbles which characterise the sole, giving the shoe that extra touch of style which will make you super trendy!

If, on the other hand, you are looking for total relaxation following an intense year’s work, the seaside location that is ideal for you is the Adriatic Coast with its long-stretching, sandy beaches! In this case, Gelly is an absolute must to put in your suitcase, the cheerful, PVC flip-flop with Gelactiv® technology which effectively absorbs shocks with every step you take together with a rounded toe post so your feet won’t hurt even after spending all day on the beach! With Gelly, having a shower on the beach to cool yourself down after sunbathing or washing the sea salt away from your skin after bathing in the sea will no longer be a problem, thanks to its slip-resistant sole!

Finally, do you always love to keep up with the latest fashion trends and look for the most exclusive beaches? If your destination is either Formentera or the Costa Smeralda, don't leave without your Scholl Sun, the fashionable slippers available in a range of summery colours! Aquamarine, red, white, pink and yellow: you will be able to change your Scholl Sun depending on your mood and always be the trendiest at the beach bar! And for those who think that you need to suffer to be beautiful, think again! The slippers which are an absolute must-have this summer also ensure the utmost comfort, thanks to their matching buckle which makes it possible to adapt the upper to your foot as well as its slip-resistant sole!

One last thing you have to do before setting off on your holiday is to visit the Scholl online footwear store to choose your summer sandals: Spikey, Gelly and Scholl Sun!