Protection against shock with every step taken: Scholl Gelactiv

Women's feet do a lot of miles every day: millions of professionals, students, mothers, housewives walk down the stairway at home, take the kids to school, run to get the tram, walk back and forth between the office and the vending machine, go to the grocer's, do a bit of shopping, have an aperitif with friends, enjoy a dinner out with their partner and, finally, walk back up the stairway to their home.

It's no wonder if, when evening comes, swollen and sore feet are the price to pay for dashing around all day: Scholl's experience now has the solution for all active women who want to combine comfort and aesthetics with shoes that absorb the shock of each step they take thanks to the Gelactiv technology. The Scholl Gelactiv technology consists of a special Technogel(R) insert positioned under the heel, which is capable of absorbing more than 40% of all shock endured whilst walking compared to standard footwear.

Ideal for those who spend most of the day on their feet and those who walk a lot, the Gelactiv shoes help to reduce the pressure under the heels and encourage better distribution of the weight. There are many advantages compared to other gel or foam materials: Gelactiv has a high impact absorption power, it does not stiffen or deform over time, it adapts to the shape of the foot, and does not contain air therefore allowing excellent thermal conductivity.

The benefits for the health of the feet combines with a great design, suitable for leisure wear but also for the office: for example, the Lumen flip flops add a touch of glossy glamour to even the most simple outfit, like a pair of jeans worn with a white shirt; Jocelyn are ideal for a suit with a skirt or trousers to give it a touch of class without sacrificing comfort and well-being.