pocket ballerina

Pocket Ballerina

Do you love high heels, but always dreamt of having a practical and comfy alternative hidden in your handbag, to bring out just when you need it? Scholl Party Feet® Pocket Ballerina shoes are ready to wear whenever you need them: when driving, travelling or walking. Scholl Party Feet® Pocket Ballerina couple comfort and practicality. Soft, supple and folding ballerina pumps that fit in your handbag, for whenever you need them. A ready to use foot relief remedy, thanks to the padded footbed and elastic inserts on the upper to ensure a perfect fit. The Scholl Pocket Ballerina pumps are designed for women looking for relief from their high heels when travelling, those looking for a practical lightweight solution when travelling to and from work, and generally all women looking for a comfortable shoe to wear after a really busy day. There are a variety of Scholl Pocket Ballerina pumps to meet the different seasonal needs with a trendy and fashionable solution..

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