December is here once again, the last month of the year: the bad news is that winter has finally arrived, the good news is that the festive season is just around the corner! In particular, Christmas, that magical moment that we have waited months for (perhaps since 26th December last year, who knows?), that special day that sees relatives and friends reunited around a sumptuously-laid table overflowing with delicious food and resolutions for the forthcoming year, such as all of us behaving a little better than in the past year… No! Wait a moment, let’s take a step backwards: there’s still a little time left before the most wonderful time of the year and we have forgotten all that we need to prepare to celebrate this special day: the lights on the balcony, the Christmas tree laden with coloured baubles and sparkling tinsel, the nativity scene, the rich Christmas Eve or Christmas Day menu… but above all the presents we give to our loved ones!

It’s not always easy to find the right gift for everyone, there are those who get excited whatever you buy them, while there are others who have more demanding tastes and struggle to hide their disappointment … it is for this very reason that we have decided to help you with guidelines to purchase the right Christmas gifts, a series of suggestions and ideas that will show you the best way to choose the perfect present!

Let’s start with the easiest person to make happy: your child! Whatever gift he or she receives, whether it’s a new toy, an illustrated book or simply your time and presence, he/she will be happy, but why don’t you go just a little step further and give him/her something that will make him/her smile with joy while making yourself happy too? This year, let Santa Claus deliver the toys and choose a pair of Manni or Elli, the lovely Scholl Footwear slippers with a printed upper, a Bioprint® technology insole as well as a slip-resistant sole so that he/she can run and play also inside too!

Given that Scholl takes the well-being of the entire family into consideration, why not pamper your partner by giving him the comfort of the Brandy slipper or the modern elegance of the leather lace-up Pilio shoe, perfect for every occasion? The first option has a Memory Cushion® technology insole to help keep the right position, while the second has a soft Memory Cushion® insole that re-distributes the pressure of the foot over the entire sole, to give you a sensation of well-being and comfort both at home and work!

Now, let’s deal with the most difficult gift to choose: the one for your friends, the people whom you know the best, yet since they are truly shopping addicted, they always keep up with the latest trends and already seem to have everything, absolutely everything! Obviously, a book is always the best choice when we don’t know what gift to buy, at least in terms of intentions (what happens if we give our best friend a gloomy thriller and full of suspense by a Swedish crime writer and she gets afraid even by reading a classic Agatha Christie novel?), but we have another idea that will leave your friends speechless!

There are still many long, cold winter months ahead of us, so what could be better than to pamper yourself with the soft, warm comfort of the new slippers from Scholl Footwear? There is something to suit all tastes! For example, there is Fotinia, the total pink slipper with a rhinestone decoration so you can feel both comfortable and beautiful also at home thanks to the Bioprint® technology insole! Or Frou Frou, that is elegant and feminine thanks to its satin laces as well as being light and super flexible because of its Memory Cushion® technology insole that re-distributes pressure over the entire foot. Finally, the novelty that will impress all your friends whatever trends they follow, the gift that will bring colour and brighten your Christmas up: the Laye slipper! It is available in three colours with a printed upper and Bioprint® insole to help keep the foot in the right position while being light, flexible and slip-resistant: it is the ideal gift to make the time you spend at home even more enjoyable and carefree!

Now, all that remains is for you to complete your Christmas shopping list on the online Scholl Footwear store and to celebrate the festive season with comfort and in style! ;)