How to pamper your feet after going back to wearing closed-toe shoes

As autumn arrives, it is necessary to say goodbye to flip-flops and sandals for a few months: our feet have to go back to wearing closed-toe shoes and it is now the time, for them, to be pampered a little more than usual. In fact, our skin will not be able to breathe as much during the long, cold and humid winter days spent outdoors, and upon our return home, it is important to dedicate sufficient time to taking care of our feet and to help them survive wearing closed-toe shoes.

A relaxing footbath is at the basis of foot care just as much in summer as in winter: it is necessary in order to keep them soft and smooth, but it is also an excellent way to relax and to de-stress yourself after a demanding day. Then, a correct exfoliation helps eliminate rough, dry skin, encouraging cellular exchange.

Following the footbath and the exfoliation, but also after your daily shower or bath, your feet must always be moisturised, so that the skin remains soft and elastic. Moreover, massaging in order to apply the moisturising foot cream re-activates the circulation, favouring the warming of limbs that easily become cold. Feet that are exposed to low temperatures may need a little extra help due to cracks that form on the skin surface. In this case, it is opportune to promptly intervene by using a specific cream for cracked heels, in order to avoid more serious lesions.

If ankle boots and sneakers have to protect your feet from the cold and humidity while spending a day outdoors, the indoor footwear must be just as effective. In fact, it is the duty of this type of footwear to re-vitalise and to carry out a defatiguing action on tired feet after a long day’s work, pampering them during your free time. In this case, the Scholl indoor proposals are both colourful and cheerful and they have a soft, embracing shape, with a cork insole so that your foot has a solid, ergonomic base upon every step you take also at home.

Basically, these are little daily gestures that, carried out constantly, can become a pleasurable beauty and wellness routine. We have spoken about foot care through footbaths and exfoliation, moisturising with specific products, protection from humidity and relaxation by wearing indoor footwear: it is sufficient to carry out these few, simple gestures and you can be sure that your feet will not only be beautiful in winter, but they will also be pampered in order to bear the closed-toe footwear season while waiting for spring to arrive.