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The key player of the Scholl Memory Cushion is the "memory effect" insole, that adapts perfectly to the shape and helps distribute the exerted pressure over the entire foot. Furthermore, the Memory Cushion insole remembers its initial shape and bounces back after every step.

The Scholl Memory Cushion® is a key player in Scholl's innovative shoe collection. The 'memory effect' insole in the stylish Memory Cushion® range ensures its contours remain constant. The insole shapes itself to the sole of the foot and always returns to its original shape, and the pressure exerted on the base of the shoe is evenly distributed. The Memory Cushion® collection includes lightweight sneakers, with flexible and breathable uppers and soft yet strong insoles. Memory Cushion® insoles are just perfect for the woman who loves comfort and especially if she is on her feet a lot, or has particularly sensitive feet.

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