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Scholl has divided the styles into different lines so as to fully respond to the various demands of its consumers. Scholl shoes are designed biomechanically and not simply drawn on paper or electronically. Before our shoes can access the phases of the manufacturing process, they undergo strict testing procedures to ensure that every Scholl shoe guarantees:a correct fit, stability for the foot, great adaptability, comfort when walking and long-lasting performance. View all the Scholl lines now!


Scholl's Style Collection includes all the most contemporary and urban models representing the perfect combination of elegance, quality and comfort. All women will find the shoes that best suit their style and wellness requirements in the Scholl Style Collection. In fact, all the models are designed by Italian craftsmen and enhanced by the technologies developed directly by Scholl engineers.

Pescura has been Scholl's flagship product since 1959. In just a short period of time, the Pescura sandals became a huge international success. Celebrities of the time fell so in love with them that they even did photographic shoots wearing the Pescura sandals. The famous models, Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton, instantly turned them into a style icon, to an extent where, even today, they still boast a global cross-border success. The Pescura sandals are made entirely from beech wood, making every pair totally unique, regarding both colour and the individual wood grain of every piece.

Do you love high heels, but always dreamt of having a practical and comfy alternative hidden in your handbag, to bring out just when you need it? Scholl Party Feet® Pocket Ballerina shoes are ready to wear whenever you need them: when driving, travelling or walking. Scholl Party Feet® Pocket Ballerina couple comfort and practicality

Scholl's Comfort Plus line is designed for all demanding women, with discomfort or disorders that compromise the well-being of their feet. The Scholl Comfort Plus line feature soft and highly adjustable uppers, thanks to the elastic insert. They are wide width fit shoes (width G) to cradle deformed feet or those that tend to swell. The entire footwear line features a stable, anti-static slip-proof sole.

The Scholl Sport & Water features a range of colourful flip flops and sandals designed for the beach, but also for the gym, swimming pools and SPAs. The striking Scholl Gelly® flip flops feature a Technogel® insert fitted directly under the heel to reduce impact and provide excellent shock absorption when walking and make relaxation and leisure time even more comfortable (Scholl Gelactiv® technology).

"Healthy feet work better" is the catch phrase inspiring the Scholl engineers when designing the Professional line models. This footwear is designed for feet that are always on the go. Our professional footwear line bear CE marking and are Grade ll Personal Protective Equipment; they meet different technical requirements based on their various characteristics: slip proof, anti-static, autoclavable and adjustable.