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As from today, Scholl comfort is dedicated also to young children. The Scholl children’s footwear line is characterised by a Scholl Bioprint® technology insole which thanks to its ergonomic design makes it possible to ensure the correct alignment of lower limbs with positive effects also on foot posture. The ergonomic design of the insole has been especially studied in a different way with a less-pronounced anatomical shape so as to adapt to young children’s feet (who normally wear footwear ranging between sizes 27 and 31). However, footwear ranging between sizes 32 and 34 are characterised by the classic Scholl Bioprint® anatomical shape.
Scholl Kid’s footwear are extremely flexible thanks to the composition of its natural cork and rubber insole. The slip-resistant sole makes Scholl Kids perfect for the well-being of your children’s feet!

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