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The Scholl indoor collection provides colourful, pleasant footwear designed by Scholl for all women who wish to be both elegant and fashionable even during moments of relax . Thanks to their anatomical composition, the Scholl indoor footwear collection is particularly soft and embracing. The Scholl indoor collection includes soft footwear for those who love to pamper their feet as well as footwear with cork insoles which have been ergonomically designed for those who love a solid base to their footwear also at home. With Scholl footwear you can rivitalise and rest your tired feet after a long day away from home, to support and protect your feet at home and to pamper them during your free time.

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The key player of the Scholl Gelactiv technology is the insert in Tecnogel®; when positioned under the heel,it contributes to achieving correct posture when walking and absorbs the shock of every step taken.

The key player of the Scholl Memory Cushion is the "memory effect" insole, that adapts perfectly to the shape and helps distribute the exerted pressure over the entire foot.

The key player of the Scholl Bioprint technology is the anatomical sole and rubber. The Scholl Bioprint footwear combine the properties of the materials and rubber ergonomically designed inner sole, with a informal and contemporary style.

The Scholl Biomechanics technology is characterised by a very specifically shaped insole. The Scholl Biomechanics technology is effective in reducing the effects of overpronation, thanks to the particularly high arch support.