comfort plus

Comfort Plus

Scholl's Comfort Plus line is designed for all demanding women, with discomfort or disorders that compromise the well-being of their feet. The Scholl Comfort Plus line feature soft and highly adjustable uppers, thanks to the elastic insert. They are wide width fit shoes (width G) to cradle deformed feet or those that tend to swell. The entire footwear line features a stable, anti-static slip-proof sole. The Scholl Comfort Plus line can be found in all chemists, health and orthopaedic specialist retailers.

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The key player of the Scholl Gelactiv technology is the insert in Tecnogel®; when positioned under the heel,it contributes to achieving correct posture when walking and absorbs the shock of every step taken.

The key player of the Scholl Memory Cushion is the "memory effect" insole, that adapts perfectly to the shape and helps distribute the exerted pressure over the entire foot.