Bronze and silver: two sides to the same trend

Yes, it’s true, this year we have had to wait a little longer than usual, but summer has finally arrived! With the arrival of the hottest season of the year, we will finally be able to uncover that part of our body that has been forced to remain covered for many months: our feet!

But how can we highlight our feet in the most fashionable and most comfortable way possible, preventing the effects of swelling caused by high temperatures yet, at the same time, making them the key element of our outfit?
Well, that’s easy! By matching footwear characterised by a comfortable, simple style with colours which surely stand out from the crowd: metallic colours!

We have to admit it, the metallic trend is the only thing that we have actually brought along with us from the past winter season, when all the catwalks were bustling with shoes, dresses, long, pleated skirts, sweatshirts, bags and even cardigans!

In fact, metallic colours are ideal in order to achieve a bright, sparkling appearance, just what you need to bring vitality and cheerfulness to the hot summer days! This is why we like the metallic trend and we can’t wait to enrich our footwear collection with bronze and silver-coloured sandals!

As bronze as the sun, as silver as the moon: these two apparently opposite shades, correspond to two totally different styles, or don't they?

In our opinion, they are two sides of the same trend and it is possible to adore both of them thanks to Scholl’s innovative proposals! In fact Gandia is the new flip-flop with both a bronze laminated upper and Bioprint® technology with the characteristic natural cork and rubber insole which helps keep your foot in the right position while you either walk around the city or up and down the seafront promenade!

And then there's Aureliana, the new sandal with Bioprint® technology and a silver laminated upper perfect to wear both during the day and at night! The natural cork and rubber insole has been ergonomically designed to help keep the foot in the correct posture while the double buckle on the insole makes it possible to adjust the sandal to suit your needs at any time during the day!

Why do you have to choose when you can have both? Come and discover Gandia and Aureliana on the Scholl Footwear Online store!