Every season has its must-have and this year we have no doubts about what it will be for Autumn-Winter 2016/17: boots, the only footwear that thanks to its infinite variations makes it possible to find the right solution to feel both comfortable and beautiful, come rain or shine!

Boots, low cut boots, ankle boots, fold boots, Chelsea boots and thigh high boots: how do we know which model is the right one for us?

The key criteria to help us choose the most suitable footwear include age, silhouette and, last but not least, the intended use.

Ankle boots with vertiginous stiletto heels and skin-tight thigh high boots are certainly feminine and trendy, but they are not suitable for women who are either aged over 50 or who don’t have a slender silhouette with long, slim legs and, especially, these are not very practical to wear all day long in the office or when you are around town running errands and other various commitments.

On the other hand, low cut boots, ankle boots or fold boots are much more versatile and depending on the model, they are suitable for all ages and occasions!

In particular, there are two models that you won’t be able to do without this autumn: fold boots with block heels so you never have to forego a touch of glamour on your feet as well as flat, Chelsea boot-style ankle boots for a comfortable, modern urban look!

The first choice provides an ideal solution for a busy woman who wants to be trendy 24 hours a day without having to forego comfort, as they are perfect to be worn both in the office and for an evening out with friends, without having to go home first to get changed!

Among the new models this season, we recommend Orelle from Scholl footwear, the fold boots in either black leather or ultra-contemporary navy blue suede leather that is both light and super-flexible thanks to its Memory Cushion® technology insole and extra-soft due to its Aloe Vera Ecualoe System lining. Moreover, its stable yet modern block heel enables you to gain a few extra centimetres in height and it is able to slim any silhouette!

Whereas the flat, Chelsea boot-style ankle boots are suitable for women of all ages who have a dynamic, metropolitan spirit and who would never forego comfort and lightness in return for gaining a few centimetres. We suggest Sieves from Scholl footwear, the urban ankle boot that fits your foot like a glove thanks to its internal zip and its elastic insert that ensures the utmost adaptability and it recalls the iconic Chelsea boots that were a smash hit on all the catwalks! Moreover, thanks to the anatomical shape of its insole the correct posture of your foot is guaranteed and therefore also the utmost comfort while walking; Sieves is the ideal footwear to be worn when you are travelling around the city or out constantly seeking new places to visit!

This autumn, before considering the change of season over and done with, make sure you have Orelle and Sieves: come and discover them on the Scholl footwear online store!