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The Scholl Sport&Water Line features a range of colourful flip flops and sandals designed for the gym, swimming pools and SPAs. The striking Scholl Gelly® flip flops feature a Technogel® insert fitted directly under the heel to reduce impact and provide excellent shock absorption when walking and make relaxation and leisure time even more comfortable (Scholl Gelactiv® technology). The Scholl Sun® sandals also exploit the Biomechanics® technology. The anatomical shape of the insole makes them ideal for those suffering from overpronation, as they help improve posture and foot alignment, relieving pain in the heels, knees and ankles.

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The key player of the Scholl Gelactiv technology is the insert in Tecnogel®; when positioned under the heel,it contributes to achieving correct posture when walking and absorbs the shock of every step taken.

The Scholl Biomechanics technology is characterised by a very specifically shaped insole. The Scholl Biomechanics technology is effective in reducing the effects of overpronation, thanks to the particularly high arch support.