Also this year, almost without noticing it, summer has given way to autumn: the days have become shorter, the air has become crisp, nature has started to take on the wonderful golden and red hues… because September means also this! It not only marks the end of the holidays, the return to the daily routine and to everyday habits, but also the beginning of a fantastic, new season!

In fact, summer has not only left us with the thrill of so many special moments and the memories of so many places we have visited, but also a few kilos more than expected! ;)

How can we work off the result of the so many aperitifs drunk on the beach along with the outdoor dinners and lunchtimes spent at the holiday farm?

How can we make sure we find the right gear and enough energy to face the new season and a new year full of commitments and challenges on the horizon?

You don’t have to enrol at the local gym or start drastic diets, the best way to gradually get back into shape without making too much effort is to slip on a pair of sneakers andget walking!

Autumn is the ideal season to find a little time for yourself and to treat yourself to a stroll in the park, being able to savour what magic nature has in store for you: the golden leaves which by dancing around in the wind come off the trees and fall to the ground, creating a colourful carpet, the air enhanced with a fragrance of crisp apples and hot tea… You only have to choose the shoes you want to wear!

Would you like to receive our suggestion? Choose a comfortable, trendy pair of shoes to wear with style which is just as perfect for the office as it is to take a walk during your lunch break: why not choose the new sneakers from the Scholl footwear range?

Come and discover Yoria Laces and Phan: the first pair of sneakers with a minimal, eye-catching design in shades of blue and with a soft fabric inner, the second is ultra-flexible and light available in the Laces and Strap versions in order to provide you with the utmost adaptability! And that’s not all: both types of sneakers are fitted with the Memory Cushion®technology insole in order to help distribute the pressure over the entire sole of the foot and therefore to make your every step even lighter than the one before!

In short, no more excuses: choose the sneaker which is the most suitable for you from the online Scholl footwear store and inaugurate the new strolling season!