Autumn has just started but by now, the sea and summertime are already distant memories. A little laziness has also come along with this season, hasn’t it? Don’t let the weather and shorter days hold you back, enjoy every moment and discover all the activities that you can do in autumn.

When you are about to sit on the sofa to watch your usual TV series on Netflix, re-read this article and choose something more thrilling to do.     

For example, it could be the right season to go and do all those strolls in the city or in the park that you have never done due to the heat in summer. Cities offer excellent compromises: nature trails, with your nose up in the air while you are gazing at splendid monuments or, for those who love shopping, looking at the shop windows displaying the best designer labels.

Have you ever thought that walking is the simplest way to stay healthy and to keep slim? 10 thousand steps a day are not only a legend, succeeding in doing them can bring you several benefits. If these may seem too many, read here 4 of the many, easy ways of achieving this target.

Sunday afternoon, after having the classic lunch that is more abundant that usual, you could go for a stroll with your dog and your partner, or with a friend. Some of the shops are closed but parks with their warm, cosy colours are waiting for you!

During the week, don’t make the usual excuse “I’m always shut up in the office!”, because to achieve them, you need to leave the car and the city traffic behind and choose to walk through the city streets. In the morning, these are almost deserted and you will be more easily enthralled by looking at one shop window after another.

In the evening, don’t sit down immediately after having had your dinner, call a friend and tell her about your day. While you are chatting on the phone, go around the block a couple of times and drink a glass of pineapple juice, after meals, this helps to burn the extra fat contained in the food you have eaten.

You don’t have any excuses on Saturday morning, before having a plentiful breakfast based on fruit, put on your tracksuit and go for a stroll, walking quickly for at least 30 minutes. Your weekend will start with an entirely different rhythm!

For Scholl, the wellness of women is at the basis of every one of its models, for this reason, it offers the right shoe for all your days, marked out by strolling 10 thousand steps. Walking in the right position is fundamental to gain all the benefits from every step you take.

The right solution to walk comfortably with a sensation of softness and stability is provided by Yoria, that, thanks to its Memory Cushion® footbed reduces the peaks of pressure applied onto certain areas of the sole of your foot. It is available both in the lace-up Yoria Laces model, for a more formal look, as well as in the version without laces: Yoria Slip-On, perfect to complete a more casual outfit.