New Spring Summer Collection New Spring Summer Collection

New Spring Summer Collection

Spring is in the air!

This Spring's must-have: This Spring's must-have:

This Spring's must-have:

nubuck moccasins

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A scintillating step A scintillating step

A scintillating step

Platinum details for an all-day trendy look!

Discover Virginia Summer


No wardrobe can do without a pair of flats, ideal for every occasion and every outfit, for all contemporary women who want to feel feminine and impeccable at the same time.

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Urban active

For all active and dynamic women who want to feel trendy from morning to night, powerful without forsaking a sparkling touch.

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SOS Pret-à-porter

Pocket Collection, to carry in your handbag for those moments when your feet need a moment of relief, a combination of practicality and style.

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Let's go broguing

The classic men's style brogue becomes a must-have for women too! From matte colours to metallised effects.

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The Scholl children’s footwear line is characterised by a Scholl Bioprint® technology insole which thanks to its ergonomic design makes it possible to ensure the correct alignment of lower limbs with positive effects also on foot posture.

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The Scholl ballet flats and brogue line consists of fashionable shoeswhich perfectly complete the outfits worn by modern women and they nicely match both trousers and skirts.

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The innovative Scholl flip flops combine a modern and feminine design with top quality materials, to create a soft and comfortable fit.

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If you are looking for footwear that can guarantee long-term comfort, ease of use and hard-wearing performance, then Scholl's clogs are the right choice for you.

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Scholl sneakers combine technology and aesthetic taste, presenting the perfect blend of modernity and comfort .

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The Scholl Beach Line features a range of colourful flip flops and sandals designed for the beach, but also for the gym, swimming pools and SPAs

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Sandals are always a popular option for hot weather and holidays, and Scholl has a wonderful range of designs to choose from.

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