Summer has finally arrived, the days are getting increasingly hotter, you start to spend even more time outdoors and …you can wear lighter clothing! Are you ready to bare your skin, allowing it to get sun-kissed? If your answer is no, don’t worry …you can easily get your skin ready, by following our 5 tips to have perfect legs during the summer! So, you can go ahead and flaunt dresses, shorts and short skirts or mini-skirts, such as those you have bought ready for the warm weather yet which you still haven’t worn…


It’s great to have all this freedom of choice of what to wear, without having to worry about having to wear stockings, tights and long trousers, it immediately makes you feel lighter and full of energy! Here are 5 simple treatments that will help you to perfectly tan your legs:


  • Exfoliating scrub. The first step to prepare your legs to achieve a perfect tan is the exfoliating scrub. This is because, after the autumn and spring, your skin may appear to be dry. Exfoliation is extremely useful to eliminate dead cells and to make your skin smoother, so that it will be ready to receive further treatments and to make your suntan last longer. What’s more, it’s easy to prepare a home-made scrub by mixing natural ingredients such as fine salt with either honey or oil. 
  • Moisturiser. A correct hydration is essential if you want to have perfect legs. In this sense, moisturisers are of great help to us, but before finding the most suitable one, it is a good idea to know your skin type on to which it will be applied. In fact, there are richer creams or lighter balms that are commercially available, depending on your needs.  
  • Sun protection. Each skin type needs to be protected before being exposed to the sun, but how can you choose the right sunscreen to prepare your legs to achieve a suitable suntan? It is essential to know your phototype, a classification used in dermatology, based on both the quantity and quality of melanin normally present in our skin. From here, it is possible to look for the product with the correct protection factor, the most suitable to keep your skin healthy during exposure to the sun and to help achieve a perfect suntan.
  • Lymphatic drainage. This form of light, delicate massage is what you need to eliminate any excess liquids and to rebalance the blood circulation in your legs. In fact, water retention is one of the most common problems for our upper limbs, together with a sense of heaviness and swelling. An ideal solution would be to revitalise the lymphatic system to make your legs perfect, and after a few sessions, you will already be able to see the results! 
  • Scholl Footwear with Gelactiv® technology. While speaking of perfect legs, we must not forget what we wear on our feet. Comfortable footwear to be worn all day long, that will not make our legs feel tired even after long walks. Such as Nimfalis wedge-heeled sandals, or Marillie, with an urban look. Or even still, Elinor, which are essential and refined. Thanks to their anatomical insole and Technogel® heel insert that absorbs the shocks suffered while walking, helping to keep your legs feeling light for a longer period. In fact, all Gelactiv® footwear models are suitable for women who spend many hours of the day on their feet and who often suffer from tired legs and feet.


After walking while wearing Nimfalis, Marillie and Elinor will make your legs feel lighter and, together with the treatments we described previously, you will be ready to face summer with the right spirit and with perfect legs!