In your handbag: SOS solutions for every woman

A woman's day is chaotic, full of commitments and very long; it includes taking the kids to school and then to the gym, going to work, going shopping and also trying to find the time for a drink with friends and a dinner date: but they all have the SOS solutions to face the day in their handbag. Whether you're a mother, a business woman, or a housewife, every woman can count on this super-ally.


Women's handbags are a mysterious universe for men, but they can conjure up countless useful items for everyone, from packets of tissues to paper and pens. Here are some ideas of things to carry in your handbag providing the SOS solutions for a variety of requirements.


The folding Ballerina Pumps.

This type of shoe, which has seen a boom in recent years, combines comfort and convenience and is the perfect solution when you are tired of wearing heels but you can not go home to change your look. Scholl proposes the Pocket Ballerina Pumps, which are not only soft and lightweight, designed to bend and easily fit into your handbag, but also perfect for those who like to keep up with the latest fashion, thanks to the new designs presented each year and the great alternative for the summer, the Pocket Sandal.


All you need for your make up.

All women know how important it is to have everything they need to "touch up" their make-up when out and about; an eye pencil, lip gloss, face powder and blusher. And don't forget a small portable mirror, to avoid embarrassing situations where you are obliged to make use of shop windows or the wing mirrors on parked cars.

The mini hair straightener.

Ah, technology! Frizzy hair is one of the biggest "worries" for women when they leave home: with fringes, waves and hair style to deal with, the mini battery operated portable hair straighteners - a recent innovation in the beauty business - are able to correct countless situations that would otherwise make us feel ill at ease.



This is a secret that was passed down by the divas of the fifties: a headscarf is not just a headscarf. Carrying one in your bag means you can cover your head if it starts raining or it's too windy, tie your hair back using it as a headband or to make a pony tail, wrap it around your neck and protect it from cold draughts and all with a vintage, elegant and glamorous charm.

Smartphone battery charger.

Let's face it, we are lost without a smartphone, we don't know how to contact people, how to find a taxi, how to communicate with the office. The downside is that smartphone batteries run down so much quicker than those in traditional mobile phones: this is why a USB battery charger for emergency situations is now an absolute must.