Scholl cork heels, the must-have in summer

Cork, as every summer, is among the top must-haves for this season's footwear. For the first time ever, Scholl proposes its famous Bioprint technology in a heeled version. An original design which is able to combine the attraction of a high heel with the comfort of the Bioprint technology.

Who do cork heels suit the most?

All women across the board: who, in fact, wouldn't love to get home in the evening with rested feet but without forsaking the touch of femininity that heels offer? Every woman knows that heels are a precious ally, they make you look taller and slimmer and give even the most casual of looks a touch of sensuality; but they have all experienced the pain of feet that have been cramped in high heels and pointed toe shoes all day long. Thanks to Scholl's Bioprint cork heel collection the torment is over, seasonal trends and comfort blend blissfully together.

What to wear them with?

Scholl's cork heels are versatile, available in both neutral shades and bright colours, ideal for the summer, with models in a contemporary style but also those sporting a more vintage look. So, a green light for imagination: the Kabe line with studs or patent leather will make you feel the pin up, when worn with Capri style pants and a blouse tied at the waist; the Arambe line is the perfect match for lightweight floral dresses and a safari inspired summer street style.

Why are they so comfortable?

The Scholl Bioprint technology, with its anatomical design, promotes a correct posture of the foot creating both a comfortable support for the arch and a stable seat for the heel. The insole, flexible thanks to the particular combination of cork and rubber, offers a comfortable base for the feet making every step even lighter.

How are cork heels made?

These cork heels, designed for the first time by Scholl, combine tradition and modern style: they are exclusively hand-made, respecting the original mix of virgin cork and high quality rubber, and are 100% chromium-free. If we take a look inside the heel, we can discover the secret of its stability and its resistance: a special steel insert, studied by the Scholl research and development team, guaranteeing excellent comfort and durability. To finish off, the shoe features a sole made of top quality EVA, offering quality and hard-wearing durability.