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The characteristics of Scholl's boots and ankle boots for women

If the fashion world has one certainty, it is that boots are always the winning solution when wishing to enhance an outfit.

You can decide the shaft height: from ankle boots to over-the-knee cuissardes a la Pretty Woman. There really are solutions for all tastes.

The history of boots has very ancient roots. Some studies date them back to the Palaeolithic when the foot, ankle, and calf were covered by tightly bound skins. Sumerians, Greeks, and Mycenaeans have left evidence of their use on wall paintings, while the Romans had them worn by gladiators, tied to the thigh, and with metal applications aimed both at defending themselves from opponents' blows and at inflicting greater damage with their own.

The great success of this type of footwear led, during the Middle Ages, to a boot more similar to how we understand it today, while the 1700s and 1800s finally saw the outbreak of the women's model, with heels, long rows of hooks and laces to tighten to their breaking point.

The rest is common knowledge, an unstoppable escalation of boots: high-heeled, low-heeled, knee-high, ankle-high, soft or stiff, couture or for work.

Today we tend to own more than a pair, in order to cover various situations. Scholl's boots meet these needs with a vast repertoire of models; the common element of these boots is that they are all convenient to walk in, ergonomic and anatomical, they protect and support the foot, making even long periods in which our extremities are kept under strain comfortable.

Lightweight and waterproof boots: all the benefits 

Scholl offer is extremely diversified, but among its distinguishable characteristics is the chance to wear lightweight boots that are also waterproof.

The materials used are of the highest quality. All the details are available in the descriptive sheets. Furthermore, compliance with European and German quality standards guarantees the safety of a product that, if counterfeited or made with poor-quality material, can lead to lasting damage.

The boots are also extremely water-resistant. What's worse than taking off a pair of shoes to find out that water has penetrated inside, keeping the feet wet for hours, resulting in a bad cold? And again, what displeases us more than seeing the tip of our boot ruined by the water that has passed through the leather?

This situation does not manifest in Scholl's boots. Both those made of leather and those in technical material are resistant and protective. The foot remains dry and the shoe is not damaged even in the most hostile weather conditions.

And then there is the most important component: the adaptability of the boots to different foot shapes. No feet are the same. For this reason, ergonomics that allow greater comfort are very important for daily and prolonged use. Scholl, who as we all know is a leader in the production and study of sanitary clogs, invests heavily in these aspects also when it concerns walking shoes or relaxation shoes. In its models, the aesthetic factor is thus combined with the guarantee of great comfort.

Comfortable walking boots 

When you go out to a party, when you want to feel feminine and attractive, there is nothing better than a pair of boots with a 10cm heel. On the other hand, boots with a low heel are ideal for more sporty moments.

Starting as an evergreen, they have become year-rounders that can offer elegance and comfort in every situation. Elegant with a pantsuit, a pencil skirt, or a pleated miniskirt, nowadays boots are also accepted under the summer sun, with or without heels, with peep toe models that leave the toes and sometimes the heel uncovered.

However, if we plan to reserve their use for situations of intense movement, then our choice must be oriented towards boots that are comfortable for walking.

And this category alone leads us to evaluate a multitude of models, materials, heels, shapes, and latches.

Scholl's collection has many interesting suggestions. The safety guarantee and the comfort of our feet are already a factor of choice, but the more aesthetic component is also important. The huge selection must contain the model that is right for us too.