Comfortable shoes for men

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There is nothing more enjoyable than a pair of comfortable shoes, able to accompany and support the foot.

In men's fashion, however, comfort does not always go hand in hand with versatility and style. This is why we need to move carefully before buying our shoes, for example, sneakers that are comfortable for walking and low comfortable sandals, and cautiously evaluate the parameters that could discriminate the successful purchase of elegant and comfortable shoes from that of yet another unsuitable and unpractical pair.

What are Scholl's types of comfortable shoes for men?

Scholl presents a very vast catalogue of comfortable shoes for men, ranging from open sandals, excellent for a summer in the city as well as for holiday resorts, to sneakers which are comfortable for walking and comfortable house slippers to slip into as soon as you return home from work, ready for a relaxing evening. These shoes are designed to accommodate and give comfort to our feet and are created following in-depth anatomical studies and analysis of the most widespread causes of pain, in order to create models capable of satisfying as many needs as possible.

In fact, Scholl is a brand that has always based its success on its identification with orthopaedic shoes, devoted to the well-being of the feet. The company has never strayed from these roots, on the contrary, they continue to be the incentive to improve its offer. For this reason, comfortable men's shoes are a strategic scope and their lines and features are a source of pride for the company.

Comfortable shoes for difficult feet: benefits and features

Scholl produces comfortable shoes for difficult feet, with features designed to take postural changes into account, trying to alleviate their effects and help recover correct support and movement.

As you can easily imagine, that benefit is that of preventing the difficulty in supporting the foot, with the consequent adoption of a flawed method, from spreading to the spine, leading it to adapt by assuming an equally incorrect curvature. Scholl intervenes via shoes with special insoles, adjustable latches, elastic materials and high soles. These are ideal solutions for transforming our shoe into a personalized one, with the undeniable benefit of not forcing the foot into constricting and unnatural positions.

Comfortable shoes for those who are always on their feet

Sneakers are always an excellent solution, as they wrap around the foot without forcing it into a rigid shape. Between a pair of leather lace-ups and a pair of Thomas Scholls, with their Scholl Memory Cushion® insole which guarantees the utmost comfort right from the very first fit, the difference is unbridgeable. The Memory material allows the weight to be distributed over the entire sole, while the breathable elements and the light and flexible sole allow comfortable and free movements.

Comfortable shoes are very important in the catering sector, as they are engaged in activities that require spending long shifts in a standing position, always on the move, with important loads to manoeuvre and carry. Comfortable shoes designed precisely for these circumstances, such as the ClogEvo and the EvoFlex, are the best answer in order to get to the end of the day still wanting to have a gym session or a nice romantic walk under the moonlight.