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Scholl boasts a wide range of comfortable and ergonomic shoes for every occasion. The line of comfortable shoes for women, expertly designed for the care of women's feet, includes sanitary clogs, elegant sandals, and numerous women's shoes suited to your needs, all to allow you to enjoy every moment of your life without having to worry about foot pain.

What types of comfortable female sandals does Scholl offer?

The collection of comfortable sandals for women adapts to the needs of every kind of foot, guaranteeing utmost comfort without sacrificing elegance. If you are looking for comfortable dress sandals, Scholl's catalog offers numerous options for all tastes. 

Among these, comfortable formal sandals are perfect for special occasions. Made with high-quality materials and capable of supporting the foot without tiring it. 

Even the comfortable high sandals in the collection are designed to offer a pleasant and enjoyable walking experience, thanks to the soft and light materials used to make them.

The Malibù and Lusaka models combine style with comfort; the upper adds a touch of elegance to the sandal. On the other hand, the Eva insole guarantees a high level of cushioning and uniform distribution of the body weight.

What sandals are the most comfortable for walking?

For women who love walking and discovering new places, Scholl offers models of comfortable sandals designed specifically to ensure the utmost comfort during long journeys. Among these, flat and comfortable sandals are an ideal choice, thanks to their flexible sole and a lightness that allows you to move effortlessly. Furthermore, like all flat shoes by Scholl, they are equipped with anatomical insoles to support the foot and prevent pain or fatigue.

Comfortable and elegant sandals for every event 

Among our models, you will find sandals ideal for a summer walk, an elegant evening, and helping those suffering from swollen feet; perfect for facing the day with the utmost comfort. No matter what your favorite style or the occasion you are preparing for, in our collection of comfortable sandals for women you are sure to find the ideal solution.