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If you are looking for a pair of women's platform sandals, there are numerous options available on the market. However, if what you need is an anatomical, comfortable model that provides foot support and helps with posture, then we suggest you refer to the articles designed by one of the leading shoes manufacturers in the healthcare, work, leisure, and home-use sectors.
Scholl’s brand, which has been universally renowned for many years now, thanks especially to the historic success of the Pescura model (who hasn't owned a pair of these iconic clogs?), offers an extensive catalogue addressing a wide range of issues. To give a couple of examples, the fur platform sandals are soft, warm, comfortable, and protect against shock impact, while the closed-toe platform sandals are practical and suitable for every season.

The characteristics of Scholl's platform sandals

Platform sandals can have a low or higher heel. In Scholl's collection, they generally range from 3cm to 5cm. The height is important to provide foot support and improve blood circulation. A high platform sandal, with a heel between 4cm and 5cm, is an excellent solution, as it makes the stride elegant and flexible.
The softness of the platform is also very important: shoes with ultra-soft platforms provide comfort and cradle the foot, stabilizing it. Of course, one should not go overboard, otherwise the result would be a laborious stride, with the foot sinking without support.

High platform sandals: not for home use only

High platform sandals, for example those from the Wappy and Weekend lines, can hardly be relegated for domestic use only. These mules can also be worn for leisure, at the beach, or under a long, light, flowing skirt, completing an informal yet elegant outfit.
Especially during summer season and considering the latest trends launched on the runways, the use of platform sandals, once restricted to extremely limited occasions, is now extended to any context. The models are numerous, varying in elegance and with colours matching any attire. Scholl has anticipated this trend since a long time ago, and several of their heeled sandals models are a winning choice when it comes to provide comfort, as well as being secure due to the grip they provide on both the foot and the ground.

Winter platform sandals: comfortable and cozy

During the cold season, coming home after a long day and slipping tired feet into a pair of winter platform sandals is something that's been dreamed of since morning.
Scholl offers numerous collections of warm and cozy shoes, made with thick, warm, and soft fabrics that envelop the foot, relaxing it all the while keeping it warm and comfortable. The platform's role remains that of supporting the foot, protecting against strains and twists, and enhancing posture, while the front closure prevents the foot from sliding, ensuring a stable and secure step.
The added value of Scholl's shoes for women lies in the combination of practicality, comfort, safety and design, thus providing every user with focused solutions for foot health improvement and impeccable style in any situation.